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AUXO Cira (By CCell)

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Powered by AUXO’s innovative patent-pending Heating Wire Technology, Cira delivers unrivalled heating uniformity for every session. Cira offers a heating range of 450 – 1000℉, allowing you to be in full control of your device’s temperature. Cira’s Extended Heating Mode feature enables you to extend your sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle, keeping the same temperature it is already at. This function comes in handy if your dab isn’t finished, or if you want to share with your friends. You can add as many 15-second extensions as you wish mid-cycle to extend your session. Simply double-click the “+” button within 10 seconds of the heating countdown. This exceptional vaporizer includes a powerful 2000mAh lithium battery, an anti-scalding wave grip design, and an OLED monitor to display temperature and battery life to create a memorable vaping experience.