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CCell M3B Variable Voltage- Button Activated

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Authentic CCELL M3b Button Activated 510-Thread 350mAh Battery.

One of the best vape pen slim batteries in the industry just got even better! Now introducing the CCell M3b battery: it has the quality of the CCell M3, and puts you in control of your vaping experience. 

Ultimately, the M3b has all of the quality of the CCell M3 battery, but raises the bar with its ability to change heat settings while providing best flavor and potency. It features 3 heat settings - Low = Blue (2.8v), Medium = Yellow (3.2v), High = Green (3.6v).

It also features a child-resistant lock, and sleek aluminum-alloy housing.


  1. Simply Screw a 510-threaded cartridge to the top of the battery. 
  2. Turn on the battery with 5 rapid button clicks.
  3. Once the battery is on, you will be able to adjust the temperature settings with just 3 button clicks in a row.
  4. To use, inhale while pressing the button down on the battery.
  5. Once you are finished, 5 rapid button clicks allows you to keep your vape pen secure by locking the device and avoiding unintentional activation.


  • 350mAh
  • Standard 510 Thread
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • 5 Click On/Off Safety Feature
  • Button Activated
  • 3 Click Voltage Change
    • Low = Blue (2.8v)
    • Medium = Yellow (3.2v)
    • High = Green (3.6v)
  • Charger Included


1x CCELL M3b Battery
1x USB Charger