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King Palm

King Palm Mini Single Roll-Guava The Great

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Enhance your smoking experience tenfold and add some guava to your King Palm. These Guava the Great single Mini Rolls contain terpene-derived flavored capsules that, when popped, release delicious fruity flavors. When’s the last time your smoke had notes of guava? Now, they always can with King Palm’s Guava the Great single Mini Rolls. Packing stick not included for singles. Pack your palm with paper insert or packing tool you have already. 


Unique Guava Flavors

Pop the terpene-filled flavor capsule of this Mini Roll and you’ll be hit with a wave of delicious guava flavors. You will pick up on notes of tropical, sweet, and tart flavors all at once, creating a dynamic and tasty smoke. These simply aren’t flavors you can find anywhere else.

All-Natural Design

From filter tip to end, King Palm’s are 100% natural. We use hand-rolled Cordia palm leaves without any presence of tobacco, chemicals, glues, or dyes. These Mini Rolls are crafted with care and quality in mind, allowing for a clean smoke that you’ll absolutely love. 

Perfect Size for Everywhere You Go

Pack it tight and evenly and you’ll be puffing on your Guava the Great roll for hours. At this size, you can take the pre-roll with you anywhere you go, keeping you prepped and ready for one tasty smoke.