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RIP 12" Freezable Hookah

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These unique hookahs from RIP Hookahs are ideal for tabletop use and taking on the go! With their cool, freezable base design, the Gia Hookah looks great anywhere and has a freezable base design for extra cool smoke sessions. These single hose hookahs also have an LED lighting feature in the base which has glow and party modes.

Gia Hookah Features:

  • Size: 12" Tall
  • Acrylic Hookah Base
  • Single Hose Design
  • 5' Plastic Washable Hose
  • Freezable Base Design
  • LED Lighting with Glow & Party Modes
  • Assorted Colours (Colours Vary)

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - RIP Gia 12" Freezable Acrylic Hookah with LED - Assorted Colours
  • 1x - 5' Single Plastic Hose
  • 1x - Funnel Hookah Bowl